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Liberty with Design Article in Country Living

Photography by Gridley & Graves
American Collectibles

A cubby sideboard organizes collections.

Sideboard: Maine Cottage. Bandbox: Atelier. Painted globe, Miss Liberty painting: Chris Robinson. Flags: Mama's Attic, Dan DiPaolo, Betsy Nimock, Michele Fox Antiques. Boat: Boxwood Designs. Figurines: Debbie Thibault. Redware Eagle jug: Wisconsin Pottery. Flag plate: Steve Nutt. Cars: Schylling. Bench: Bitty Benches.



With Old Glory acting both as icon and as inspiration, this summer's decorating palette proudly puts reds, whites and blues in a starring role


Photography by Gridley & Graves
Waves of red, white and blue are decorating American homes this summer, as renewed devotion to the Stars and Stripes has stirred demand for patriotic colors and nostalgic motifs. Michele Fox -- an antiques dealer who has an extensive collection of vintage U.S. flags and Americana -- chooses to decorate with these symbols. Many of her clients, too, are longtime flag collectors, while others simply yearn to display their affinity for a style that is definitively American. All shades of the signature palette are contenders: Navy, royal and French blues line up with cherry and tomato reds and a wide range of whites. Patterns overlap to complement one another: Calico and bandanna prints, tailored stripes, ruffled edges and stars aplenty romance the theme.  

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